What Is the WordPress Featured Image Size

What is a featured image in WordPress

Featured image is just an image like all the images in your media library when you add featured image it will automatically become posts/page image thumbnail, it displays along with the content of your post.

Featured images play an important role in posts, it attracts and conveys the topic of the post to the users.

These images automatically display when you shared links on social media websites.

What is the size of the featured image in WordPress

The size of the featured image depends on theme installed, generally featured image sizes are 1200 x 600 pixels, You can change the images sizes from settings.

How to add featured image in WordPress

To add featured images to post follow these steps

Click Posts >> All Posts >> move the mouse cursor on to the post you want to add featured image, click edit.

2. Click on Set featured image

3. Upload an image and set it as featured image

4. Click update to save changes to the post.

How to change size of featured image in WordPress

Follow these steps to change the size of the featured image

1. Click on the media and select the image to change the size.
2. Click Edit Image and adjust the new dimensions

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