How to Add a Favicon to WordPress website

What is a Favicon

Favicon is a small icon that displays next to your page title in the browser tab, Favicons are also visible in bookmarks. See the screenshots below. Now it also displaying is search results.

How to create favicon

1. Creating Favicon Using Photoshop 

Create a new file, Size 512*512 pixels, with a transparent background or you can fill the background with any color. You can use bit bigger sizes for creating favicon while uploading it WordPress allows you to adjust the sizes. Favicons should be any of these formats Jpeg, Png, and Gif

If you don’t have the photoshop use this online photoshop editor

How to add Favicon to WordPress website

Adding a favicon to the WordPress website is really easy all you need is a favicon with 512*512 pixels.

Let’s see the step by step process.

1. Click Appearance >> and choose customize

2. Click Site Identity

3. Click on a select site icon, upload your favicon crop and save and publish.

I hope you understand how to favicon to WordPress website if this blog helps you share it on social media websites.

If you have any questions comment below.

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