Who is following me on Facebook?

We all know the fact that Facebook is a social networking website that helps people to connect with their friends and family members to share the latest movements happening in their life, it can be a selfie, marriage images/videos, engagement, job updates, etc.

Today we are going to find out the following information here, let’s start.

1. How do I know who is following me on Fb
2. What does it mean if someone follows you on Facebook?
3. Who can follow me on Facebook?
4. How to see who follows you on facebook mobile app

How do I know who is following me on Fb

Let’s follow these steps

1. Login to your Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/ by entering the login details.

2. Once you logged in click on your name next to home,

3. On the left-hand side you will find followed by 1,118(Its follower count) your will be different.

4. Just click on the number, now you are able to see the people who actually follow you 

What does it mean if someone follows you on Facebook?

If anyone following you on facebook simply means they see your updates in their news feeds, People who are on your friends list they are automatically following you, however, people can also follow you without being on your friend’s list (This will only happen when you set who can follow me to public instead friends)

If you want to know who is following you, as soon as they follow you, just simply enable your notifications if it’s already enabled to keep an eye on notifications.

Who can follow me on Facebook?

Follow these steps if you want to find out how can follow me on facebook

1. Once you logged in to your Facebook account click on down arrow. And choose settings. 

2. Once you are on the settings page, click on public posts from the left side.


Now you can see who can follow you on facebook if you see only friends means only friends can follow you if you see public means anyone can follow you. 

Find more info on the below image

How to See Who Follows You on FaceBook Mobile App

Once you login to the facebook on a mobile app, tap 3 lines on the top right and click on your name to view your profile, as soon as you tap on your name you will see followed by x number of people, click on that to see the people who follow you.

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