What Is Seo Friendly Url

URL optimization is one of the most important on-page factors in SEO by reading the URL users, and search engines can identify the page content on that particular page.

In this blog post, I’m going to tell you what is SEO friendly URL and how to create a friendly URL

What is a SEO Friendly URL?

A friendly URL is a URL optimized with keywords that define the page content and makes it easy to read for both the users and search engines. 

SEO Friendly URL Structure: https://www.seoedublog.com/what-is-hootsuite/

Non-SEO Friendly URL Structure: https://www.example.com/id=2035897?

6 Best Practices to Create SEO Friendly URL

1. Understanding URL

All the users and search engines should be able to understand the content by just looking at the URL of the page, to do that optimize the URLs with focus keywords

2. Add keywords in URL

Adding keywords in the URLs is most important in SEO, by putting the keywords in the URL search engines will understand the content, index, and rank high in search engines.

Keywords in the URL will be visible in Search engine results pages, and users will also look at the URL to understand the relevance of the page to their query before clicking the link.

3. Use Canonical 

if your website has multiple pages with the same content canonicalizing them using 301 redirect or rel=canonical, duplicate content will affect your SEO efforts.

4. Use Hyphens to Separate Words

It is more crucial to separate the words using hyphens to ensure the readability to the users and ensure the correct process of Search engine optimization.

Google and other search engines recommend separating keywords with hyphens only

5. Have Short URLs

Adding too many keywords in URL falls under keyword stuffing, and that leads to dropping your rankings.

so instead of keeping lengthy URLs keep it short, search engines gives more priority to the short URLs 

6. Use Only Small letters

Always use lower letters, because URLs with capital letters will redirect to 404 error in specific servers.

I hope this blog helped you to understand what is SEO friendly URL if you have any questions comment below.

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