Send Automated Emails in Gmail in 5 Easy Steps

Do you want to schedule an email, but worried about how to do it, what extensions/tools you should use, and the price of extensions.

Those days are gone, now it not required to use any third-party tools and no need to purchase any tools to schedule emails.

Google Announced scheduling feature in Gmail,

Today in this blog post, I’m going to explain how to schedule emails in Gmail.

Step 1: Compose

Log in to the Gmail and click compose

Step 2: Click The Dropdown Arrow.

Once you entered all the body message, subject, to email, click the dropdown arrow at the bottom left.

Step 3: Schedule Send

Click on the Schedule send button.

Step 4: Click on Pick Date and Time

Once you clicked on the schedule send button, a pop will be opened, choose pick date and time

Step 5: Select The Date and Time.

One you clicked on pick date & time, Gmail will ask you to choose the time and date to schedule the email.

Choose your date and time click schedule send button.

All the scheduled emails will be delivered according to the Indian standard time.

Congratulations you have scheduled your first email in Gmail.

How to View Scheduled Emails

Once you scheduled an email, Gmail will create a new Scheduled folder with below the Sent emails.

Click the Schedule folder from the left side options, now you will be able to all the schedule email on the right side.

How to Cancel Scheduled Emails

You can schedule emails in 2 steps.

Step 1: Click on the scheduled folder

Step 2: Select Email and Cancel Send

Once you clicked on cancel send, the email schedule will get canceled, and email will be stored in drafts folder.

How to Edit Scheduled Emails

You can edit scheduled email in 4 steps

Step 1: Click on the scheduled folder

Step 2: Click on the email you wish to edit

You need to select and click on the email you want to edit

Step 3: Cancel Send

The email will be opened once you clicked on the email, now click the cancel button at the right side.

Step 4: Edit Email.

As soon as you clicked the cancel send button, Gmail will cancel the schedule email, and open the compose pop up to edit the message.

Now edit the message and reschedule it.

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