Easiest Way to Remove Powered By WordPress

Are you looking to delete links in WordPress footer? in this blog post, I will show you two ways to remove credit links in the footer Ex: Powered by WordPress.

Will I face any legal issues if I remove powered by WordPress link in WordPress

You are free to remove footer links, modify, and you can redistribute,  you will not face any legal issues, WordPress is free and released under GPL License 

Let’s start the removing process

1. Theme Settings.

Most of the WordPress themes are allowing their users to edit the footer links. Not all WordPress themes have the same settings. But Theme customize is the first place to look.

Click appearance >> and select and customize


Select Footer Area

And select the copyright and remove or add your information.


2. Footer.php

In case your WordPress theme does not support to remove footer credits from the settings, This is the only method to remove.

Open footer.php and search for powered by, now you will find the code to remove footer credits.

Hope this blog post helped you to remove powered by WordPress 

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