4 Free Keywords Everywhere Alternative Chrome Extensions

Are you searching for Keywords Everywhere Alternatives,

Today in this blog post, I’m discussing 7 Keywords Everywhere alternatives chrome extensions, which will save you hours of Keyword research time.

Keywords Everywhere is a free and one of the most popular tool, Helps SEOs by providing Monthly Search Volume, Cost Per Click, and AdWords Competition directly in Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) 

Look at the following image for details.

Image Credits: Keywords Everywhere

On Oct 01, 2019, Keywords Everywhere announced that we are rolling paid version, you will no longer see the volume of keywords. You need to purchase credits.

It is annoying for SEOs who have no budget and those with a small budget, 

But no worries, we there are seven another best chrome extension that works like Keywords Everywhere 

Let us start learning alternatives.

1. Keyword Surfer

It is a free tool; using it you can analyse the Google SERP results, No login and purchases required.

How to Use Keyword Surfer

It is effortless to use this tool, install keyword surfer chrome extension; the rest will be taken care of by the tool.

How it Helps SEOs

It helps SEOs by providing the following details.

1. Monthly Search Volume of Primary Keyword (Global and Country) inside the Google search box

2. Similar Keywords With Search Volume and Similarity Percentage to the right side of Google Search Results.

3. Quality Backlinks of Each domain.

4. Estimated Traffic

 Surferseo.com provides data for the tool.

2. Keyword Lookup

By using this Extension, SEOs can easily find out the monthly search volume, cost per click,  and competition. 

It will work on google and all the other major search engines.

3. WMS Everywhere

It is another extension that provides search volume and CPC of the primary keyword without leaving the google SERP.

WMS Everywhere also provides related keywords, and people also search for data

This Extension requires to sign in to use this tool, 

Once you install this chrome extension, search on google with any keyword, on the right side to Google SERP,  it will ask you to signup or sign in.

Click signup and enter your personal details

Once you signed in you will get the following info.

Now, this tool is ready to use. 

4. SEO Keyword Volume

Using this extension you can easily find out any keyword search volume, SEO Difficulty, Paid difficulty, CPC 

This tool allows you to find keyword metrics from any page, be it a google, yahoo, bing or any other web page in the world wide web.

All you need to do is, Just select the keyword, right-click and click get search volume.

You will get the keyword metrics from Niel Patel ubersuggest tool.

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