How to Unblock Someone on LinkedIn

Linkedin is one of the best and largest professional network sites,  LinkedIn helps professionals to connect with the people in the same industry to share knowledge, industry updates, gain more experience, developing new skills, and find new opportunities.

Linkedin also helps companies to generate B2B leads, many of the companies are surviving on LinkedIn.

Linkedin gives the most important to the user privacy, it always keeps an eye on accounts using bots to automate LinkedIn.

Step by step process to unblock someone on LinkedIn

1. Log in to account and click on Me icon,

2.Select settings and privacy from the dropdown,

3.Select Block and hiding under the privacy tab

4. Click unblock next to the person name

5. Enter Your password and click unblock member

How to unblock someone on LinkedIn app

1.login to LinkedIn account and tap on your photo

2. Click view profile setting icon from the top right

4. Tap Privacy and click Who you’re blocking

5. Now you will see the people blocked in your account click unblock, enter your password and click done.

What Happens After Unblocking Someone on Linkedin?

1. The person you unblocked will not be added to connections list
2. You can’t send messages,
3. you cannot see his activities on feeds.

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