How to Remove Negative Reviews From Google Search Results

How to Delete Google Reviews Posted by Others

Negative reviews are the most common problem that every business faces every day,

According to the report published by PowerReviews in 2016: “82% of shoppers seek out negative reviews

According to the brightlocal: 91% of consumers say that positive reviews make them more likely to use a business.

I hope you understand with these statistics how good reviews are essential for businesses to get more business.

But don’t panic when you get a negative review for your business,

Note: You cant directly delete the reviews posted by others, But there are few ways

Follow these steps.

Step 1: Read the Review

Read the review to analyze the reasons why the reviewer wrote the negative comments.

Step 2: Find Out Reviewer Name & Relationship with Your business.

Find the reviewer’s name and check if he or she is having any relationship with your business or not.

If you found the reviewer is your client, reply to him politely and solve their issue.

If the reviewer is your client, so that you may have their contact details, call and talk to them politely, solve their issues, and convince them to rewrite a Good review or delete the review.

How to Delete Google Reviews Posted by Me

Deleting self-review is very easy, you can delete it in 6 simple steps and it only takes a minute.

Step 1: Visit:

Step 2: Click 3 lines and select Your Contributions

Step 3: Log in to the Gmail account that you used to write reviews

Step 4: Click Reviews

Step 5: Select the review you want to delete

Step 6: Click 3 dots and Click Delete

Watch the Following video for clear instructions.

How to Find Out Who Wrote a Google Review and How to Contact Him.

If the reviewer is your client.

It is easy to find out who wrote a review about your business, and you can see their name above the review.

So check your client’s database for that name and the relationship with your business, call the and solve the issues.

If the reviewer is not your client

It is a bit difficult to find the person who wrote negative reviews, but if you spend some time, you can find them.

When someone wrote a negative review about your business, you can see their names above the review, search that name on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, so that you can find and contact them.

How to Remove Fake Negative Reviews From Google

Once you identify the review is fake, follow these steps to remove it.

Step 1: Google My Business Account

Step 2: Click On Reviews

Step 3: Find out the fake review and reply to them politely.

You can use the following example in Reply

Hi Name,

Thanks for your feedback. We do not have any clients with “Name” in our clients’ database.

We take our customers’ feedback very seriously, so please contact us at “Phone Number” or “email” so that we can solve your issue on an urgent basis.

Best Regards,

Step 4: Once replied, click three dots and click Flag as inappropriate.

Step 5: Click Continue

Step 6: On Report a Policy Violation page, enter your email id and select the violation type and click submit.

Note: there is no guarantee that google will remove the fake reviews.

How Long Does It Take Google to Remove a Review

According to Google Flag inappropriate reviews, It can take several days for a review to be assessed.

Hope this blog post helped you to remove your negative reviews,

Reach us if you need any help in removing negative comments,

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