How to Delete LinkedIn Account

Linkedin is a highly secured professional website, it provides a lot of security to user’s data, LinkedIn helps people to connect and get the best opportunities.

Deleting LinkedIn account means deleting your profile permanently and removing your information from the LinkedIn 

This Blog Will Help You with the Following Queries.

1.How to delete LinkedIn account
2. If i close my Linkedin account can i reopen it
3. How do i recover my Linkedin account without email and password
4.How to find Linkedin profile link

1.How to Delete Linkedin Account

Follow these steps to close/deactivate your Linkedin account. 

1. Login to Linkedin and click on me Icon from the top right

2. Select settings and privacy from the dropdown

3. Tap on Account and click Account management

4. Click Closing your LinkedIn account


5. Tell us why you’re closing your account and proceed to next.

6. Enter Your Password, Select checkbox and click close account

Alternatively, you can also close your LinkedIn account from here, But keep the following points in mind before closing the account.

  1. You cant see the information you have added,
  2. No access to the connections  
  3. Search engines like google, yahoo and bing may show your profile information temporarily 
  4. Lose all the recommendations and endorsements.

2. If I close my LinkedIn account can I reopen it

Yes, Absolutely You can reopen your LinkedIn account if it’s been closed less than 20 days. But LinkedIn will not be able to recover the following information if you reopen your account.

  1. Endorsements and recommendations
  2. Ignored or pending invitations
  3. Followings (Influencers, Companies, etc.)
  4. Group memberships

3. How do I recover my LinkedIn account without email and password

Let me tell you very clearly, it is not possible to recover a LinkedIn account without having email, so please follow these steps it might help you.

  1. Try to remember your email id,
  2. Ask any of your first-degree connections to check your profile for email.
  3. Once you find your email – try login to it, if you don’t know the password reset it.
  4. Once you logged into the account, try to reset the LinkedIn password.
  5. Once you recover the password and change, now you can log in to the LinkedIn account and start using it.

4.How to find a LinkedIn profile link

1.Log into LinkedIn and click on me Icon from the top right

2. Click view profile,

3. Click on Edit Public Profile & URL

4. Once you click on it you will be able to find your custom URL, you can edit as you wish and share it.

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