How to Delete Google Analytics Account

Are you looking out to delete the analytics account, but don’t know how to remove its effortless task, and it takes just a few minutes.

In this blog post,  you will learn the following things.

How to Delete Google Analytics Account
How to Delete Google Analytics Property
how to remove google analytics tracking code from the wordpress website,
how to recover google analytics account

How to Delete Google Analytics Account

As I said it’s effortless task, you can remove it in 3 steps.

Step 1: Log in to Analytics and Click Admin.

Step 2: From Accounts click Account Settings and Click Move to Rubbish Bin.

Step 3: Click Rubbish Account

How to Delete Google Analytics Property

Step 1: Click Admin from the left side menu,

Step 2: Click Property Settings

Step 3: Click Move to Rubbish Bin

Step 4: Click Delete Property

How to Remove Google Analytics Tracking Code From The WordPress Website

To delete the code first, you must know how it was installed on your website, if you don’t know ask the how is in charge of your website.

Generally, we can add code in three different ways.

1. Manually inserting the code.

2. Using Header  and Footer Plugin

3. Using Google Analytics Plugins.

So, if you added manually, you need to delete the code manually,

If you add using the plugins, just deactivated and delete the plugin. Code will be removed from the website.

How to Recover Google Analytics Account

All the delete Accounts and properties will be temporarily stored in the trash can for 35 days.

Accounts and properties will be permanently deleted If you did not restore accounts from trash can within 35 days, 

Let’s see the process of recovering.

Step 1: click admin and select the deleted account to restore. 

As you can see in the above screenshot, deleted property highlighted with a line

Step 2: Click Rubbish Bin, Tick the account Name and Click Restore.

Congratulations, your account is restored now. You will get the success message.

Hope this blog post helped you to delete analytics account or restore account, 

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