How to Change WordPress Theme

Are you willing to change your WordPress website theme, It’s super easy to change themes.

Changing theme is almost equals to redesigning your website, before changing your website theme you must know these things. So you don’t lose any data.

Today in this blog post I’m going to breakdown detailed instructions to change the theme.

You will learn the following things

Things to do before changing WordPress theme
How to change WordPress theme
how to change WordPress theme without going live, 
how to change WordPress theme on live site, 
how to change WordPress theme manually via Cpanel
how to change WordPress theme via FTP

Things to do Before Changing WordPress Theme

Changing WordPress theme is really super easy that can be done in just a few clicks, still, you need to follow these steps to ensure a smooth change of theme

1. Take a backup of the website.

The first step is to take your WordPress backup, you can restore your website if you made any mistake while changing WordPress theme.

Use the UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin and backup the website.

2. Check Load time

Before changing theme you should note your website loading speed, so you can compare the speed after changing the theme

3. Keep Maintenance Mode

Let your visitors know that your website is under maintenance

How to change WordPress theme

Right after doing the above things the next step is to change the theme. There are thousands of free and paid themes available on the internet, choose the one that suits your requirements.

To change the theme first you must install the theme first, after installation, From your WordPress dashboard, go to the appearance > Themes and activate the theme.

How to Change WordPress Theme Without Going Live

Once you installed the WordPress theme, it’s always better to check before making it live, check for the compatibility of the existing plugins and ensure all are working fine.

There are two ways to change the WordPress theme without going live.

1. Option Live Preview

Right after the installation of the theme, WordPress allows seeing the live preview without making it live.

Navigate to appearance > Themes and click Live preview.


2. Use Theme Switcha Plugin

This plugin helps you to view the theme live preview without activating it, to do this install and activate the theme switcha plugin, from your WordPress dashboard click settings » Theme Switcha

Enable theme switching on the settings page, and scroll down to the bottom and click save changes.

Now the WordPress will start showing all the installed themes on the page, click on the theme and view the live preview.

How to change WordPress theme on live site.

Since all this time you are testing your new theme, is the time to activate your new WordPress theme.

To do that navigate to appearance » Themes, move the mouse cursor to the theme you want to activate and click activate.

How to change WordPress Theme Manually Via Cpanel

Well, all the above methods are simple,  you can change the theme with few clicks, Our advice is to avoid this method, only use this method when you don’t have access to the WordPress dashboard.

1. Logon to your Cpanel and click on File Manager

2. The file manager will be opened in a new tab, select the Public_html » wp-content  » themes and copy the theme name you want to change, you will need this theme name later so keep it in notepad. 


Now you have to update the theme name into the database, let’s see how to do that

3. In Cpanel click on PhpMyAdmin, PhpMyAdmin will be opened in a new tab it will show you the list of database choose the correct one linked with your WordPress website

4. Find out template and stylesheet.

5. Edit the template and update the theme name we just copied from the file manager, click go and do the same for the stylesheet.


How to change WordPress theme via FTP

Changing the WordPress theme via FTP is almost the same process, you just need to connect to your server using an FTP tool like Filezilla, the rest process is the same.

Post changing your theme check following things

Ensure you disabled maintenance mode
Test loading time
Ensure all internal links are working
look browser compatibility
Check keyword rankings
Check your tracking codes and verifications code like google and bing.

We believe this blog post helped you to change your WordPress theme if it helped comment below. And share it on your social network site.

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