how to change site title in wordpress

Are you looking out to change the title of WordPress but wondering how to do that, today in this blog post i will show three different methods to change the title.

1. Add title while installing WordPress.
2.Changing title using Site identity
3. Changing the title from Settings

1. Add title while installing WordPress.

You can add the title to your site while installing the WordPress from Cpanel, add your site title and description in site settings options, 

Look the following screenshot

2. Changing title using Site identity

Follow these steps to change the site title.

From your WordPress dashboard, go to appearance >> Customize

Click Site Identity

Update site title and click published.

3. Change title from Settings

Follow these steps to change the title from WordPress settings

1. Navigate to settings >> and select general
2. Change the site title and click save changes.

We hope this blog post helped you to change the title, comment below if you have queries.

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