How to Add a New Website to Google Analytics?

Analytics is one of the best products from Google, helps website owners to track the statistics of a website, Ex: Traffic, Location, Countries, Pages visited, Demographics, Devices, and more.

Let’s see how to add a new website to Google Analytics.

How to Add a New Website to Google Analytics?

Use this method if you did not have an existing Google Analytics account.

1. Visit this link:
2. Click on Sign in to Analytics or Start for free.
3. Enter Your Gmail Id, password and login to Google Analytics. You will get the following screen once you logged in to google analytics.

4. Click Set up for free, Enter the account name and click next.

5. Select web and click Next
6. Enter the property details and click create.
7. Accept the Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement
7. Copy Your Google Analytics tracking code and paste it on all the pages of your website.

How to Add New Property in Google Analytics

Use this method if you want to add a new website to an existing account.

1. Log in to your existing Google Analytics Account and click on Admin from the bottom left side menu.
2.  Click Create property
3. Select Web and Click Continue 
4. Enter Your Property Details – Website name, Url, Category, Reporting Time zone.

5. Once you click create Google Analytics will provide you with tracking code paste on all the pages of your website.

How to Check Google Analytics Is Working After Adding Code

It’s effortless to check that google analytics is tracking visitors or not, visit your website and click real-time from the left menu if you see the number of visitors on real-time, Google analytics is tracking the visitors on your website.

I hope this blog post helped you to create an account in google analytics, comment below if you have any question.

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