How Search Engines Work Crawling Indexing and Ranking

What is a Search Engine

A search engine is a computer program designed to answer the questions asked by users.

Search Engines answers the questions by showing the relevant pages that match the keywords entered by the internet user from its indexed database.

There are a number of search engines in the world, but Google is the popular search engine, and most people use Google.

How Search Engine Works Step by Step Process.

To provide quality results to the users, Search engines like Google should understand all the web pages content on the world wide web.

To understand the content on world wide web pages, Google and other search engines have a 3 step process.

1. Crawling
2. Indexing
3. Ranking

1. Crawling

Crawling is a method that search engines follow to discover the content on world wide web pages; it looks for all the content, code, images, files, etc. on the pages.

While discovering the website pages, it also looks for the backlinks and internal links.

These backlinks and internal links will also help search engines to decide which site should rank first in SERP.

Google Uses an algorithm called Crawler to discover the content on the pages. The Crawler is also known as spider and bot.

2. Indexing

The index is the collection of all the pages crawled by search engines, 

Search engines will add all the pages to its indexed database once the search engines crawled all the world wide web pages.

Once the user entered his questions on search engines, search engines will pick the relevant pages from its database and present them to the users.

3. Ranking

The ranking is the most important for all the SEO Experts. Their ultimate goal is to rank web pages on search engines like Google.

Google and other search engines crawl and index all the pages if websites or pages not blocked for robots.

But ranking on search engines takes a lot of hard work and months of time.

Google considers over 200 ranking factors to rank a webpage on search engines to rank high on search engines; our website should be optimized according to the ranking factors.

Hope this blog post helped you to understand how search engines work

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