How Long Does It Take Google to Index a New Web Page?

How Long Does It Take Google to Index a New Web Page?

Did you created a new page or modified an existing page on your website, you can request Google to index your site or page using Google URL Inspection tool in google webmaster tools.

Crawling may take few days to few weeks, Be patient and monitor the progress.

How Often Does Google Crawl a Site

Generally, Google boats crawl most essential pages more frequently to ensure that most important pages are covered.

Google crawl pages frequently, maybe every few days, maybe much more frequently, depending on the website.

Google Boat has a limit to crawl a certain number of pages every day.

How To Check Google Indexed Pages of a Website

To check your website indexing status try the following simple methods.

If you see URL is not on Google means your website is not indexed by Google.

1. Using Google

To check how many pages of your website are indexed by google, enter

To check single page indexing status: enter this in google: site: link

2. URL Inspection Tool

1. Log in to Search Console

2. If multiple sites added to the search console, select the one you wanted to see the indexing status.

3. Click URL Inspection

4. Paste the URL in the box and hit enter.

5. Click Request Indexing (it will submit URL to the Google)

If your website is indexed Google will return like following: URL is on Google

If not indexed by Google you will get the following notification on the screen.

When Did Google Last Crawl My Site

Use the URL inspection tool to know that when your website last crawled by Google, and this information directly pulled from google index.

Paste your URL in the URL inspection tool, hit enter and now click on the coverage, and check the last crawl details.

How to Make Your Site Show Up On Google

There are many ways to show website on Google SERP, add submit a sitemap to Google, backlink building, etc.

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