Delete Reddit Account in 5 Simple Steps.

Reddit is a social networking site with 430M+ Average monthly active users, thousands of communities and endless conversations.

Let’s start learning the following topics today…

1.How to delete Reddit account

2.How to delete a subreddit

3.How to delete messages on Reddit 

4.How to delete Reddit post 

1.How to Delete Reddit Account

First of all, I wanted to make things very clear deleting Reddit account means deleting it permanently, there is no temporary deleting, by any chance if you have thought of reactivating the account in feature please don’t delete it now.

Its very import to know by deleting the Reddit account, the post will not get deleted, so delete your posts before deactivating your account.

Let’s Start.

1. Open your favorite browser and visit

2. Just click on login on the top right and enter your user name and password tap login.


3. Click on your username from the top right corner and select USER SETTINGS from the drop-down.

4. Click on the DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT from the bottom.

5. Last and most important step to deactivate your account, write your feedback(optional), enter your user name and password, tick the checkbox and click deactivate, you are done.

You can also deactivate from here:, you must know your username and password, if you don’t know and not stored anywhere, you can’t deactivate the account and the Reddit admins will also not help you.

2.How to delete a subreddit  

Deletion of subreddit is not possible once you created, even it will be available if you leave the community also, new moderators can takeover your subreddit requesting from

Unless you delete the account subreddit will continue to show your username as the creator of the community. 

3.How to delete messages on Reddit 

1. Once you login to the Reddit account, click on the messages icon on the top right.


2. Now you will able to see the messages you received in the inbox, you will see a delete option for every individual message, click on it, your message deleted,  you are done.

4.How to delete Reddit post 

1. From the top right click on the down arrow and select my profile

2. Once you clicked on my profile you will be able to see your posts, click on the 3 lines of the post you want to delete and click delete from the dropdown.

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