How to Delete Google My Business Account in 30 Seconds

Are you planning to remove the unverified and duplicate listing from your google my business account?

In this blog, I’m going to explain the step by step process to delete Google My Business Accounts.

But before going to the deleting process, let me tell you a few important information.

1. You can’t manage the GMB listing, once deleted.

2. You can’t restore the deleted listing, you need to reverify the listing if you want to manage.

3. Deleted locations will continue to appear on Google.

Video Tutorial

Steps to Delete

Step 1: Log in to Google My Business

Step 2: Click on info – from the left side menu

After login, you need to click on info from the left side menu.

Step 3: Click Remove Listing.

Click remove listing under the Close this business on Google

Hope this article helped you, share your thoughts in the comments section.

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