AdSense vs AdWords: The Difference you need to know

What is the difference between AdSense and AdWords?

Adsense and AdWords are two different products offered by Google. The AdSense program allows publishers to display ads on individual websites, and later google pays money to individual website owners based on clicks on ads and impressions.

Adwords(Ads) program allows advertisers to display ads on google search engine and google’s partner sites. To learn more about Google Ads :

How to Start with Adsense?

It’s effortless to start with AdSense. All you need is Gmail id, and site or blog with your own content started from scratch. Content must compile with AdSense program policies

Is Google AdSense free to use?

Yes, Using AdSense is completely free, and the good news is google will pay you for clicks on ads and impressions got on your website or blog 

Is Google ads and AdSense the same?

Advertisers use Google Ads. They pay money to Google for each click.

Adsense is a program Google pays money for displaying advertisements on websites or blogs

Can I use AdWords and AdSense together?

Yes, you can use Both AdWords and AdSense Together.

Where Do Google Ads Appear?

Google Ads will appear on and google’s Partners Websites. With Ad. See the following screenshot.

Is Google AdWords free to use?

You can create an account and create campaigns for free, but to display ads on and Partners network you need to pay, you will be charged every time your ad gets clicked.

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